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Albach Diamant 2000

Solutions pour machines norme Tier 4 Final & Stage V

Adblue troubleshooting system on Albach Diamant 2000. Adblue Off Emergency Diamant 2000

AdBlue problems on the Albach Diamant 2000 forestry machine are fairly recurrent and it is sometimes impossible following a malfunction to exceed the speed of 20kmh. The AdBlue breakdown system consists in repairing the vehicle in order to secure the road and not to be constrained to immobilize it in the middle of a national or departmental road and risk a traffic accident. The system is compatible for Albach vehicles with Tier 4F & Stage 5 standards.

Ad-Blue Tier 4 troubleshooting problem management Volvo engine

Deactivation of the AdBlue SCR System directly by data emulation. The unit is tested, programmed for your vehicle equipped with the VOLVO PENTA D16J or D13J engine. We have an operating rate of 99.9% on deactivation of your emission control system. The module is sold as an alternative component for troubleshooting the AdBlue system for the Albach Diamant 2000 forestry machine. This is a data emulator computer connecting in place of the original computer. This programmed calculator supports the following Volvo Penta Industrial engines:

  • Overall: D3.3J, D4J, D6J, D8J, D9J, D11J, D13J and D16J
  • For Albach: D16J - TAD1671VE - 612cv
  • For Albach: D16J - TAD1672VE - 700cv
  • All Volvo Penta engines after 2014 fitted with an SCR exhaust treatment system and a Continental ACM 2.1 control unit

Main features and functionalities of the emulation module

  • No or No more DPF / SCR fault
  • No torque reduction and power loss
  • New technology ! Plug & Play connector, Replaces the original ACM calculator.
  • HCDEA ™ - HamCom Dynamic Emulation algorithm
  • HCDMA ™ - HamCom Direct Memory Access algorithm
  • Reversibility, at any time you can return your vehicle to the original configuration once troubleshooting is complete

How to replace the original ACM box with our own box?

Our module was designed from the original connector of your vehicle. On Diamant 2000 the operation is carried out in less than 20 minutes. You just have to unscrew the gray cupboard where the electric cables arrive. The ACM calculator (Exhaust gas treatment calculator) is located behind, fixed with 4 screws that you will need to remove in order to have the necessary clearance and disconnect the connector connecting the ACM. Then just connect our module instead of reconnecting the original ACM box. We recommend that you completely disassemble the computer and keep it in a dry place since no connector will now be connected to it.

Common Faults and Symptoms on Albach Diamant 2000

Defects encountered on Albach Diamant 2000

Different codes such as the Antipollution 2040 fault code (Generic code), often coupled with the 1004 code but also specific proprietary codes which we can decode if necessary in order to correctly target the cause.

Volvo Penta specific socket diagnosis

In 90% of cases once our unit has been connected, taking care to start the circuit breaker before installation, you should no longer have a fault, Neither AdBlue, Neither DPF (Fap), nor even any engine warning related with the emission control system. However in some cases it may be necessary to connect a Volvo Penta compatible diagnostic tool in order to erase it. You will find a photo to illustrate our remarks.

Adblue fault on Volvo CE vehicles (Penta SCR + DPF)

As for vehicles equipped with Volvo Euro 6 engine, when the faults are present in the system you lose torque, power and therefore, to take the example of a 2000 Diamond, a reduced grinding force which makes it almost impossible work. A restriction of the maximum driving speed may also occur, making it impossible for the vehicle to exceed the speed of 20 km / h. Our boxes are compatible for all Volvo CE vehicles complying with Tier 4 Final and Tier 5 standards. Excavators, Backhoe Loaders, Excavators, Dumpers, Pipeliners ...