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Adblue : Holmer Exxact OptiTraxx & LightTraxx

Solutions for Agrifac / Holmer Exxact machines with Volvo Penta Tier 4F / St.V engine

Adblue troubleshooting on OptiTraxx and LightTraxx - Volvo Penta

Agrifac uses Volvo Penta engines in many machines, including the most recent. The machines are known to be excellent tools, but sometimes the associated motors have AdBlue system faults, which reduces the beet harvesting capacity. You will find our solutions available to counter these incidents or to allow such machines to work in countries where AdBlue is not available.

Discover the Agrifac machines supported by our AdBlue solutions.

The DOC / DPF / SCR exhaust treatment system is effective for vehicles with Tier 4F / St.V standards. The OptiTraxx and LightTraxx beet harvesters are not exempt, but we will try below to summarize the other machines of the brand that may be impacted.

List of other machines

  • Norme Antipollution mini = Tier 4F / St.V
  • OptiTraxx : Engine Volvo Penta 345kW --> 469cv D13J
  • LightTraxx : Engine Volvo Penta 345kW --> 469cv D13J
  • SixxTraxx : Engine Volvo Penta 450kW --> 612cv D16J
  • HexxTraxx : Engine Volvo Penta 450kW --> 612cv D16J

Caractéristiques et Fonctionnalités principales du module d'émulation

  • No or No more FAP / SCR fault
  • More torque reduction and power loss
  • New technology ! Plug & Play connector, Replaces the original ACM calculator.
  • HCDEA ™ - HamCom Dynamic Emulation algorithm
  • HCDMA ™ - HamCom Direct Memory Access algorithm
  • Reversibility, at any time you can return your vehicle to the original configuration once troubleshooting is complete

How to replace the original ACM box with our own box?

Our module is designed to connect exactly in place of the original ACM module. The connector for our troubleshooting solution is ordered from the same supplier as that mounted on your OptiTraxx, LightTraxx, HexxTraxx or SixxTraxx machine, so assembly is very simple and plug and play. Unplug, Connect, Lock. The electronic part managing the AdBlue system is located at the top of the box and takes over from the original ACM calculator.

Common Faults and Symptoms on Holmer Agrifac

Faults encountered on the various Holmer Exxact machines

In most cases AdBlue faults correspond to a physical problem present in the system. A defective pump, seized AdBlue injector or its defective electronic part, NOx sensor, crystallization problem or even blocked DPF ect ...

Volvo Penta specific socket diagnosis

We have Volvo Penta / CE & Trucks diagnostic equipment in order to diagnose more precisely the origin of the problem if you wish, but also in order to be able to erase any faults that may be persistent. The diagnostic connector depending on the machine can be Volvo Penta owner or meet the OBD2 standard.

Défaut d'Adblue sur véhicules Volvo CE (Penta SCR + DPF)

As with vehicles equipped with Volvo Euro 6 engine, when the faults are present in the system you lose torque, power and therefore, to take the example of an Agrifac Holmer Exxact beet harvester, the impossibility to exploit all the peripherals necessary for the harvest or if necessary to double the harvest time. A restriction of the maximum driving speed may also occur, making it impossible for the vehicle to exceed the speed of 20 km / h. Our boxes are compatible for all Volvo CE vehicles complying with Tier 4 Final and Stage V standards. Excavators, Backhoe loaders, Excavators, Dumpers, Pipeliners ...