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Volvo Euro 6 : Solutions to Adblue Issues

Volvo FH, FE, FM, FMX, FL we have the right solutions. D5K, D8K, D11K, D13K and D16K engine

All supported models Euro 6

Many models are affected by Adblue system failures, more commonly on models FH420-FH460-FH500-FH540 but also on models in the FL, FM, FE, and FMX range

For which models we have solutions ?

  • FH16 : FH16 550 FH16 650 FH16 750 Engine (D16K)
  • FH : FH420 FH460 FH500 FH540 Engine (D13K)
  • FM : FM330 FM380 FM430 FM460 Engine (D11K)
  • FM : FM420 FM460 FM500 Engine (D13K)
  • FMX : FMX330 FMX380 FMX430 FMX460 Engine (D11K)
  • FMX : FMX420 FMX460 FMX500 FMX540 Engine (D13K)
  • FE : FE250 FE 280 FE320 FE350 Engine (D8K)
  • FL : FL210 FL240 Engine (D5K)
  • FL : FL250 FL280 Engine (D8K)

Basic operation and problematic parts

The engines affected by AdBlue malfunctions on Volvo Euro 6 trucks are mainly the D6K, D8K, D11K, D13K and D16K. The exhaust gas treatment system closely links the following elements: Engine management (ECU) and ACM calculator (Aftertreatment Control Module) to the particulate filter as well as to the AdBlue system. Here is a diagram representing the Euro 6 device equipping Volvo trucks

7ème injecteur

A specific diesel injector is used to thermal management of the diesel oxidation catalyst. It also guarantees the efficiency of the diesel particulate filter and the proper functioning of the SCR system.

Catalyseur DOC

DOC produces nitrogen dioxide (NO2) necessary for the diesel particulate filter for effectively burn particles. A very at low temperatures, it also provides the heat required for regeneration.


The filter captures and stores the particles until they burn during regeneration. Regeneration takes place automatically so that the driver has nothing to do.


In the mixing zone, the exhausts are sprayed with AdBlue. When they reach the catalyst, nitrogen oxides (NOX) transform into neutral nitrogen and in water. The ASC catalyst is the last step before the exhaust. This is where any remaining ammonia (NH3) is removed.

Torque reduction and speed limitation to 20km/h

Find out the causes and solutions to resolve this error.

Limiting the speed to 20km / h and reducing the torque are very restrictive for the driver. Indeed it is no longer possible to travel with the truck without endangering road traffic. This fault code can only be erased after having resolved your fault. In 90% of cases this limitation is linked to a malfunction of the vehicle's pollutant emission treatment system. Find out what is causing this restriction below.

AdBlue system faults can come from different sources.

  • 7th AdBlue injector: Injected seized or defective. It is no longer possible to inject Adblue into the system.
  • The DOC catalyst: Burned, damaged or melted, it no longer allows optimized operation of the exhaust gas aftertreatment system and little over the long term clogging the particulate filter since regenerations are no longer carried out.
  • Particulate filter: Clogged due to various causes. DOC catalyst problem, short trips too frequent and automatic name regeneration accomplished, there are multiple causes that can put your truck in power restriction. The P207F9A code linked to an AdBlue and Particulate Filter problem is the perfect example.
  • SCR & ASC: Failure of the SCR catalyst, blocked or physically destroyed. NOx sensors can also cause SCR incidents managed by the vehicle's ACM control module.

Find out our solutions

2 choices: Emulator or Computer programming

Deactivation by programming

Everything happens via electronics. No additional elements are connected to the vehicle. We proceed by complete reprogramming of the AdBlue system via the engine ECU by connecting to the diagnostic socket on the truck. (OBD2)


  • Step 1: The current version of the engine control unit must correspond to a version that we can program. A version of Software calculator too recent does not allow us to intervene because we would not have the coding keys to validate the programming. To find out if your vehicle is eligible, you can contact us by providing the vehicle serial number. Our privileged access to the internal Volvo / Mack / Renault database allows us to know in real time the latest updates made.
  • Step 2: The vehicle can be equipped with the VEB retarder and hydraulic retarder taken from the gearbox. No restrictions on this.
  • Step 3: You can come to our workshop to carry out the operation if the previous conditions are met. We will connect via the OBD2 port of your Volvo Euro 6 truck to operate. If you are not located geographically close to our garage (near Rouen), we can operate remotely. To do this, we will have to send you our PC equipped with the required software and hardware against deposit. Once connected to the Internet, we will take remote control to carry out the operation. All you have to do is switch on and off when requested.
  • Step 4: Once the operation is completed, you will no longer have any fault codes relating to the AdBlue system. Everything will be electronically deleted from memory and permanently.
  • Step 5: It is very important to take note of this recommendation. Any vehicle updated at a Volvo dealership will be deleted from our schedule. The manufacturer update will be too recent for us to perform the deletion operation again. As mentioned in step 1, if your software version was eligible for programming IT WILL NO LONGER BE IT and you will lose our program and your investment in our solution. We cannot be held responsible for dealer update operations. Please specify this to the workshop foreman if you know him or to the competent personnel, if necessary avoid visits to the manufacturer.

The box below is the engine management box or ECU. We intervene in the memory of this software to delete the fault codes and deactivate the system permanently on your vehicle.

Deactivation by emulation

The operation is done by adding a virtualization module of the AdBlue system by connecting a box to the ACM computer. The operation is simple and the box can be sent worldwide. Housing molded on Volvo original connector.


  • Step 1: It is essential for this operation via emulator, that the vehicle is not equipped with the retarder on the gearbox. VEB OK, but not hydraulic delay, only the retarder on exhaust.
  • Step 2: No restriction of the software version of the vehicle. Recently released trucks can be modified.
  • Step 3: The intervention can be done in our workshop for half a day. If necessary we have the possibility to send our box all over the world. Very little knowledge is required for assembly. We designed our box with an original connection of the vehicle then inserted our own integrated circuit inside. It is therefore easy and quick to set up and the margin of error is very small.
  • Step 4: In the majority of cases the defect will be automatically erased but we have already had cases where an erasure of faults in the suitcase is compulsory after installation. Once done, you can drive without worrying about running out of AdBlue.
  • Step 5: The vehicle can go to the dealership and benefit from an update without the risk of erasing the internal memory of our unit. The case is IP68, that is to say which resists water in the proportions provided by the standard IP68.
  • CAUTION: You will find on the internet many copies of our box that do not work and sold at half price. Play the security card.
  • Our emulator acts on the parameters and inhibits the following peripherals AdBlue PUMP, NOX SENSOR, CATALYST, TEMPERATURE SENSOR, ADBLUE INJECTOR, ADBLUE TANK LEVEL.

The box below is the engin control unit or ECU. We intervene in the memory of this software to delete the fault codes and deactivate the system permanently on your vehicle.

Below, our emulator, exactly designed with the original connector of the vehicle for easy mounting! Disconnect the harness connecting the original ACM and connect it to our module.


We are aware that you do not want to inhibit your AdBlue device and this is completely legitimate. One to protect the planet and two simply to comply with the law. However, you also do not want to be blocked on the side of the road, in power reduction mode without any solution other than to call the convenience store and end up with a high bill, both by the repair itself and by the intervention on your AdBlue system in dealerships, which is often around 3000 € and that is understandable.

On which models to act without removing the Adblue?

In the majority of cases the messages of power reduction in 8h, power reduction in 4h or even power reduction in 2h or power reduction at next start-up comes from a fault present in the emission control system of your truck. Very common on 11L D11K engines, and even more on those of 13L (D13K 420, 460, 500 and 540 engines) fitted to Volvo FH 420, FH 460, FH 500 and FH 540 as well as some cases encountered on Volvo FH16 , a little rarer because they benefit from a slightly different management of the gas recycling program. These faults are also present on Renault industrial vehicles which borrowed the engine from the Nordic manufacturer. We are talking about recurring problems here on Renault T (T440, T460, T480, T500 and T520), of course under the Euro 6 standard. All the models above FM FE FH FL FMX...

Cause of the 20km / h limitation and fault P207F9A - Poor AdBlue quality

The truck's antipollution system is faulty, and will restrict the vehicle via the implementation in the computer of a program operating the truck in degraded mode, completely limiting the traction force (torque), but also its maximum speed at 20kmh , as much to say that the vehicle is unusable.

The problem mainly arises when the Adblue device is defective. (problem on the Adblue injector or pump) this therefore produces a dosing defect in the Adblue which therefore does not respect the quantities provided by the engine management module and therefore detects poor Adblue quality. It often appears that the particle filter is defective and requires replacing the cartridge according to the fault code you have and the message. This can be confusing, because a message on the dashboard of your truck indicating a defect in the quality of Adblue is actually, in the various cases that we have encountered, linked to an overload of the particle filter or a defect present. on this one.

How to self-repair and get out of the 20km / h limit?

Clear the fault immediately to regain power! How? 'Or' What ?

Theoretically only the dealer or a garage equipped with the manufacturer's diagnostic case is able to erase faults. However, symptoms can recur very quickly; a few hours after erasure, or after having driven a few kilometers, sometimes less than ten.

Following the upsurge in demand, we have developed a process for self-elimination of the fault before starting the vehicle. Suppressing the reduction of power on heavy goods vehicles is now possible with Digiservices Normandie. Our mini suitcase partly emulates that of the manufacturer when the technician launches the engine light erasure procedure, so the truck regains its original power as well as its engine torque. The process is very simple, we have developed this system so that it adapts to all types of driver, from 18 to 65 years old (and even more 🙂). The system is as simple as plugging in a 220V electrical outlet. No knowledge, hardware or diagnosis is required. Simply connect our system to the OBD socket on the truck and our intelligent programmer will do the work for you as if you were in a dealership.

10s, Connect is deleted! Plug in, Switch on the ignition, Wait for the automatic process, Unplug, Switch off the ignition and START !!

This solution is an alternative making it possible to make big savings by avoiding the safety of the truck. (troubleshooting, immobilization, waiting for an appointment with the manufacturer, etc.) An in-depth diagnosis in dealerships (or with us in Normandy) is necessarily useful for diagnosing the exact origin of the problem, although the elements mentioned above are the most common. On the other hand, traveling tens of thousands of kilometers with a defective element on the truck is prohibited. We know how to act in most cases and have troubleshooting solutions for your fleet.