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Adblue Troubleshooting Mantsinen 300

Deactivate AdBlue on Mantsinen 300 crane »200 »160 »140 »120 »95 »90 »70 »60

Recurring AdBlue faults on Mantsinen vehicles

Mantsinen develops fabulous machines capable of carrying out insane loading tasks. Most of its vehicles are fitted with a Volvo Penta engine, which is very robust but which can sometimes cause malfunctions due to problems with the AdBlue system. We offer solutions to neutralize these faults and therefore prevent the immobilization of the vehicle and thus the loss of turnover.

AdBlue troubleshooting on various Mantsinen machines.

Our virtualization boxes allow neutralizing AdBlue faults and therefore finding a functional machine in a short time. Besides the 300, the other products sold by Mantsinen can also be repaired.

Moteurs et véhicules impactés pour lesquels nous avons les solutions

  • Moteurs sous la norme Tier 4F et antérieur
  • Mantsinen 300 : Volvo Penta TAD1672VE 16.1L de 515Kw - D16J
  • Mantsinen 200 : Volvo Penta TAD1672VE 16.1L de 515Kw - D16J
  • Mantsinen 160 : Volvo Penta TAD1672VE 16.1L de 515Kw - D16J
  • Mantsinen 140 : Volvo Penta TAD1385VE 12.8L de 405Kw - D13J
  • Mantsinen 120 : Volvo Penta TAD1374VE 12.8L de 375Kw - D13J
  • Mantsinen 95 : Volvo Penta TAD1374VE 12.8L de 375Kw - D13J
  • Mantsinen 90 : Volvo Penta TAD1171VE 10.8L de 265Kw - D11J
  • Mantsinen 70 : Volvo Penta TAD1171VE 10.8L de 265Kw - D11J
  • Mantsinen 60 : Volvo Penta TAD872VE & TAD882VE 7.7L de 210Kw - D8J
  • Excluded the TAD1643VE engine which does not have an AdBlue system

Caractéristiques et Fonctionnalités principales du module d'émulation

  • The vehicle again has all the intervention characteristics, Speed and efficiency of movement
  • No or No more SCR fault
  • No more torque reduction and power loss on your Mantsinen
  • New technology ! Plug & Play connector, Replaces the original ACM calculator.
  • HCDEA ™ - HamCom Dynamic Emulation algorithm
  • HCDMA ™ - HamCom Direct Memory Access algorithm
  • Reversibility, at any time you can return your vehicle to the original configuration once troubleshooting is complete

Replace your ACM easily in less than 30min

Proud of our ACM (After Treatment Control Module) data virtualization solution, we opted for an ease of installation which allows even unqualified personnel to want to repair themselves. The assembly is simple and the result is 100% effective. The case is molded with the original connector of the vehicle, as you can see in the photos below the electronic part is stored at the top of the case and certified ISO 9001 responding to operating temperatures between -20 ° and + 60 ° C. We come to connect the original harness of the vehicle in a 'plug-and-play' way.

Common Adblue Defects And Known Symptoms On Mantsinen Cranes

Défauts rencontrés sur les différents véhicules

In most cases AdBlue faults correspond to a physical problem present in the system. A defective pump, seized AdBlue injector or its defective electronic part, NOx sensor, problem of crystallization or again blocked DPF ect ...

For a more in-depth diagnosis

We have Volvo Penta / CE & Trucks diagnostic equipment in order to diagnose more precisely the origin of the problem if you wish, but also in order to be able to erase any defects that may be persistent. The diagnostic connector depending on the machine can be Volvo Penta proprietary or even meet the OBD2 standard. If you are located abroad we can send you our diagnostic equipment and take control remotely once connected to the vehicle.

Other Volvo Penta vehicles and common AdBlue faults

As for vehicles equipped with Volvo Euro 6 engine, when the faults are present in the system you lose torque, power and therefore, to take the example of a fire fighting machine in an airport environment, the unable to operate all the peripherals necessary for harvesting or, if necessary, to double the harvesting time. A restriction of the maximum driving speed may also occur, making it impossible for the vehicle to exceed the speed of 20 km / h. Our boxes are compatible for all Volvo CE vehicles complying with Tier 4 Final and Stage V standards. Excavators, Backhoe loaders, Excavators, Dumpers, Pipeliners ...