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    Removing Adblue Mercedes Actros MP3 – OM501LA Engine Via software

    Intervention on AdBlue System Mercedes Actros MP3 2044 440hp.

    Intervention on this vehicle in order to permanently eliminate the AdBLue fault. The SCR system will be totally deactivated for export of the truck.

    Modification by electronic programming of data in the Temic engine management computer.

    AdBlue removal on Actros 2044 truck, OM501LA. Unable to use the full power of the vehicle and unable to work with it. Before export, this vehicle will undergo a correction of the AdBlue system in the Mercedes internal software. We start by interrogating the fault memory in order to validate that the system in question is indeed defective.

    Reading and processing of information in the Mercedes Actros engine map

    Complete reading of the vehicle engine map. We are deactivating the system via our original Kess communication tool.

    Summary of faults on the vehicle on the dashboard

    Video following the repair of the Adblue Mercedes Bluetec 5 Actros MP3 2044 system

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