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    Chiptuning Scania R560 Euro 5 from 560 to 690HP – Exhaust pipes

    Chiptuning Scania R560 Euro 5

    Solving an Adblue problem, then reprogrammed Stage 2 with free exhaust (with valves) Video at the bottom of the page.

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    Chiptuning Scania R560 significantly improves the performance of your Scania V8 Euro 5. Indeed, Scania V8 560 is identical to R620, except that the electronics restrict torque and power. On this model we have the DC16 18 L01 engine block, identical in every way to the DC16 17 L01 equipping the R620. After a very long process of comparing the components between the 560 and the 620, it follows that the transmission and the fuel injection system are the same. Injectors, Turbo, Drive shaft, clutch … We first go through a mapping of R620, then we modify the parameters of the R620 to arrive at a power between 680 / 700hp and an additional engine torque of 600Nm. Note that thanks to our direct connection to Scania tools we can see live and especially before moving, any possibility of engine reprogramming on your vehicle. We have all the part numbers fitted to your vehicle, and we do not randomize a program. Everything is tailor-made and we also test in the presence of the driver. (videos at the bottom of the page before / after).

    Reprogrammation Scania R560 Euro 5
    Chiptuning Scania R560 V8: Implementation of the new engine parameters, configuration of the ECU from the R620 base file then programming. We also deactivate the AdBlue in order to be able to drive open valves flawlessly and without loss of power.

    During this Scania Chiptuning on the R560, we carried out a diagnosis of the AdBlue system which was totally inoperative. We therefore opted for removing the system with the possibility of putting a switch to activate it (carried out by the customer directly). This allows it to deactivate when used on a closed road or during rallies. The AdBlue system made the use of the truck completely impossible with a lack of torque and enormous power. The 6/7% mountain roads we took to test, climbed at 25kph empty. Then after a first test to show the customer that our solution is functional and as we have the possibility to change parameters to counter all types of problems (just deactivating torque limitation), we went to the same road in R560 (stock) mode at around 38/40kph with a load of 44T200, then once passed in R690 mode, we gained another 10kph without forcing in the revs and a gear and a half more. We finished to climb the hill at 50kph.

    Défaut Adblue R560 SCR Resolution panne

    To resume Chiptuning Scania R560

    Engine reprogramming possible {bonus engine because identical to the 620}
    Mode Stage 1 –  Soft  –  560cv à 620cv +300Nm
    Mode Stage 2 – Safe – 560cv à 680/690cv +600Nm

    See the possibilities on our online database: Consult here

    Video Chiptuning Scania R560

    Lecture des informations du véhicule via le logiciel constructeur et implémentation des nouveaux paramètres via les logiciels d’ingénierie Scania Suède et non concession. Vous pouvez également vous rendre sur la page spécifique à Scania pour en savoir plus ou encore découvrir toutes nos interventions sur Scania Euro 5.

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